django-cms-themes – A pluggable Django app that provides theming support for Django CMS, which allows users to upload and select a prepackaged theme to apply to their site.

Pyfoo – One of my entries into the Wufoo API Contest from 2010, Pyfoo is a Python wrapper for the Wufoo API.  One of my coworkers used this wrapper to create a slick Django CMS Wufoo plugin, I’ll try to get him to open source it and put it up on Github.

django-puzzle-captcha – A new take on human verification, creates a very simple puzzle out of a random image that the user must put together in order to submit a Django form.

django-simple-survey – A very simple survey builder for Django, thrown together as a response to a question someone posted over in the Django Subreddit.

django-cms-redirects – A library that a coworker and I created that lets you store simple redirects in a database and handles the redirecting for you. Integrated with Django CMS to allow you to link directly to a page object. Based off django.contrib.redirects.