Projects – Move your data out of spreadsheets and into the cloud.  No programming skills required.  Create and share database driven web apps quickly and easily.  Built using Django and Python, this is currently my main project. – The easiest way to get a Minetest server up and running.  Whether you’re looking for a small server for a few friends, or a large server for the community, this is the service for you!  Build using Python and Django.

NASpberry Pi – A guide for turning a Raspberry Pi into an energy efficient media server using off the shelf open source software.  Now with handy video tutorials.

django-cms-themes – A pluggable Django app that provides theming support for Django CMS, which allows users to upload and select a prepackaged theme to apply to their site. – A home for the above mentioned django-cms-themes project that provides some prebuilt themes that users can download and use with their Django CMS sites.  I’ve been adding themes slowly as I have time to find free/creative commons licensed html templates and convert them into Django CMS themes.

Pyfoo – One of my entries into the Wufoo API Contest from 2010, Pyfoo is a Python wrapper for the Wufoo API.  One of my coworkers used this wrapper to create a slick Django CMS Wufoo plugin, I’ll try to get him to open source it and put it up on Github.

J-Woo – Another one of my entries into the Wufoo API Contest from 2010, J-Woo is a Java wrapper for the Wufoo API.  I used this wrapper to create an Android Wufoo app, which I really should get around to putting up on the market.

django-puzzle-captcha – A new take on human verification, creates a very simple puzzle out of a random image that the user must put together in order to submit a Django form.  See a demo of it here.

django-simple-survey – A very simple survey builder for Django, thrown together as a response to a question someone posted over in the Django Subreddit.

Gatherous – A simple App Engine app I created to get a feel for Google App Engine.  All you have to do is send an email to with the details of your event and it will automatically create a landing page for you with the details of your event that you can share with your friends.

django-cms-redirects – A library that a coworker and I created that lets you store simple redirects in a database and handles the redirecting for you. Integrated with Django CMS to allow you to link directly to a page object. Based off django.contrib.redirects.